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A mala is a string of beads used as a tool in keeping count while reciting, meditating, manifesting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra, affirmation or prayer. It is a tool often used during meditation to move with the breath and rhythm of the practice. Most malas are made from wood beads or gemstones. The word ‘mala’ is a Sanskrit word for “heavenly garland.” Every mala in my shop has been hand made by me here in the US.


Trying to decide which mala is right for you can be a joy. There are a variety of ways to select the perfect mala for you. Start by asking yourself, how will I use my mala? Will it be a tool for daily meditation? For a specific intention? For manifesting? Or will it be worn as a reminder of your intention, mindful living or as an attractive piece of jewelry to display its beauty? 

You can also choose by instinct. For example, you look through the malas and you keep coming back to the same one repeatedly. In which case, the mala is calling you, it is meant to be yours.

All malas are listed by intention, or I can create something just for you.

What do the Colored Tassels mean

What does the tassel on a mala mean?  The tassel is often decorative. But, can also represent many becoming one.

About Tassel Colors

• Red—Power and Life Force

• Orange—Energy and Understanding

• Amber-Wisdom and Knowledge

• Sage-Compassion and Empathy

• Light Blue- Peace and Calm 

• Dark Blue- Knowledge of the Higher Self and Spirituality

• Purple—Transformation and Divine Energy

• White- Happiness and Positive Energy

• Pink- Universal Love and Inner Peace

• Silver- Spiritual Energy and Focus

• Gold- Success and Inspiration

• Black – Strength and Power

•       Grey- Conservative and Practical

• Brown- Dependability and Simplicity

•       Sand- Calm and Thoughtful

• Peach- Faith and Caring

• Rust- Optimistic and a Need for Change

How Many Beads DOes A Mala Have?

Malas generally have 108 beads  for the body of the mala and the 109th bead at the bottom ( above the tassel or decorative ornament) which is known and the guru bead or summit bead. In Sanskrit, the world “guru” means “bringer of light.” Having a guru bead as part of a mala necklace honors the relationship between student and teacher where you are the student and God, Buddha, Mohammed or another deity. is the teacher.

Malas can also be 54 or 27 beads, these are used for shorter meditation practices, and are excellent for on the go or for travel.

How Do I Use Mala Beads

The mala is traditionally held in the right hand, hanging over the middle finger. You begin at the bead to the right of the guru bead .Use your thumb to move the first mala bead then one bead at a time going around the mala until you reach the resting bead . The resting bead is a moment to pause and sit in reflection ( or to stop.) Be still and express gratitude, then proceed. Focus on your breathing, moving past each mala bead as you take in breath or let out breath. This is also where you will recite your prayer, mantra, affirmation on each bead. Continue until you reach the next resting bead where you can stop or continue until you reach the guru bead again for a count of 108. 

Or 7 or 21 beads if you are using it for a shorter meditation, prayer or mantra. If you plan to do more than one round turn the mala around to proceed again in the reverse direction. It is considered disrespectful to pass over the guru bead. 

A detailed instruction guide is included with each mala. 

What if my Mind Wanders

It will wander, it happens to  those who are seasoned in meditations and those who are new to the practice. Simply acknowledge it, take a moment and refocus on your meditation, mantra, prayer or affirmation.  It takes time to master meditation. It cannot be rushed. Practice and know that nobody is judging your ability to meditate. It is your personal space and it will take time to find your rhythm.